Shutter Finishing

Custom shutter finishing by Headhouse Square


Your shutters are finished precisely to your taste. 
Your color. Your look. Your style.

Choosing colors is as personal as your point of view. We can  ̶ and we will  ̶ computer-match any shade or hue you desire. If you want to duplicate existing shutters, a wood chip or paint sample will be fine. If you'd like something new, send us any paint reference you have.

"Component Priming" means better protection for longer life

Headhouse Square exterior shutters have parts that "float", because real wood expands and contracts with the weather. Our Shuttersmiths™ are the only craftsmen who take the extra time and effort to prime the parts of your custom shutters you never see, before we put them together. Components like floating panels. And louver ends.

We use a special primer available only to professional Shuttersmiths. It's amazingly tough and durable, and exceptionally resistant to moisture and mildew. It just helps preserve the shutters that are as singular as your vision.

Artisanal Painting:  old-world look, new age materials

Creating a look as original as your style is your ultimate objective. Preserving that look is ours. That's why our Shuttersmiths combine the art of hand-crafting with the most technologically-advanced finishes available.

 And because we make only custom exterior wood shutters, our priming and painting process is unique. After assembling and priming, we hand-sand every inch of your shutters, then apply two coats of satin finish.

 The result is a textured satin that shows a subtle wood grain. After all, you chose the finest solid wood shutters. They should look as special as your ideas.

Traditional Staining

If your personal point of view is organic, express yourself with stained, solid wood. Our Shuttersmiths will apply two coats of a semi-transparent stain so you can see the natural grains and colors of Grade A western cedar. Or choose a solid stain that affords you more choices of colors while still presenting the natural textures in a vibrant, visual medium.

Left: Transparent Stain
Right: Solid Stain

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