Meet Headhouse Square Exterior Shutters' Shuttersmiths™

Dave SeeligPresident and Founder

Dave has been building custom shutters all his adult life. "It's what I do," he says. "It's all I've ever done."

He started more than twenty years ago doing everything from shaping the wood to painting the finished shutters. Soon he realized he could make them truer to a home's design. More authentic. With longer life. And that's how Headhouse Square was born.

Today Dave still keeps his hands in the game, including a years-long process of trial-and-error in which he tested, developed, then perfected the combination of primer and finish paint that is a hallmark of Headhouse Square.

He also consults on design and installation all over the country. "But the most fun I have," Dave says, "is talking to people about period-appropriate style. It's critical that they get it right, to do justice to their homes. I love helping them get there."

Tim Bolender, Master Carpenter

For the better part of a decade Tim has been building and supervising Headhouse Square solid wood shutters. There's no one better. And no one who knows more about wood.

That's because Tim started as a furniture-maker in the time-honored tradition: build it by hand, one piece at a time. "They haven't thought up the mortise I can't duplicate, or the tenon that fits snugly into it," Tim explains.

He also knows exactly which individual piece of wood will serve best in any given part of a shutter. Which will make the straightest louver. The sturdiest stile. It's all part of being a master craftsman. "Hey," he says, "it's all part of the job."

Jamie Winchester, Artisan Painter

Jamie is our in-house authority on finishing. It seems as if he's spent all his adult life doing just that - and only that. "I'll look at every corner of every shutter and know exactly how it should be painted," he explains.

He comes by his knowledge through years of hard work. Jamie started in automotive finishing. When that grew boring he moved into furniture. From there it was just a short step to shutters which are, he says, a kind of furniture for your home.

"Before people see anything else, they see the finish," he says. For the better part of a decade, people have been looking at his. And smiling.

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