Historic Headhouse Square Landmark


Headhouse Square, a national historic landmark, is a marketplace located at 2nd & Pine Streets in Philadelphia. The literal "head house", a late Georgian building with a weathervane on top, was erected in 1803 on the outskirts of the market. It's where the Market Master used to live and work. His job was to test the overall quality of the goods being sold or bartered. The building also served as a fire engine house for the community, and had alarm bells and a second floor fireman’s social club.

Headhouse Square can probably claim the distinction of being the oldest American market still in continual use. In certain months, handcrafts are sold along its cobblestone streets by artisans in an open market.

We chose the name because we are dedicated to following in the footsteps of old world fabricators, and of adhering to the traditions of fine, handmade objects