The Headhouse Square Exterior Shutters Story

Exterior Wood Shutters is what we are about!


Headhouse Square Exterior Shutters was founded shortly after the turn of this century by Dave Seelig, who still remains the very hands-on President of the company. His idea was to build one thing and one thing only - exterior solid wood shutters. "We don't do plastic," he says. "And we won't ever consider synthetic materials." Our point of view is that top-grade, substantial wood is the only proper material for fine homes. And our objective remains the same: to specialize in building one thing better than anyone else. And to build it right here in America.


The results are obvious: old-world quality and craftsmanship combined with contemporary techniques and materials. For example, it took almost five years of trial-and-error for us to find the perfect match between primer and finish paint. We use only Grade A Western Cedar because of its ability to withstand extreme weather conditions. Yet approximately 20% of the wood delivered to our shop is rejected because it does not meet our standards.

Most of all, it has always been our mission to work with each client on his or her project, to ensure the exterior shutters we build represent your thoughts, your ideas, your taste and style. It's what makes custom, custom. And it's what makes your home and our shutters unique.

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