Exterior Wood Shutters Guarantee

Headhouse Square's Exclusive "life-of-Ownership" Guarantee

Headhouse Square's Exclusive "Life-of-Ownership guarantee is unlike anything else from any other exterior wood shutters provider in the industry. And it is available only from Headhouse Square Exterior Shutters.

When you have us prime and paint your shutters, we will guarantee them for as long as you own your home.

We stand behind our products. Our custom shutters are built to last, constructed using time-honored techniques, superior materials and old world craftsmanship. When installed correctly, we will back them with our exclusive "Life-of-Ownership" guarantee. If there is a defect in the material or workmanship, we’ll fix it.

There is no limited warranty or fine print to worry about. We’ll take care of you – it’s that simple. Please note: because our exterior wood shutters are exposed to outdoor conditions, they will experience the normal wear and tear associated with finished exterior wood products and hardware.

If you have chosen bare wood shutters, they are warranted for three years from date of receipt against defects in material and workmanship. The following are not considered defects

  • small hairline surface or edge checks which are common in exterior millwork and generally cannot be avoided
  • slight witness lines around the raised panels due to expansion and contraction
  • witness lines around the pegged mortise and tenon joint.

Because your exterior wood shutters have not been primed and painted by Headhouse Square Exterior Shutters, we cannot be held responsible for paint or finish failure under any circumstances.

For exterior shutters primed and painted by Headhouse Square Exterior Shutters, we will guarantee their performance for as long as you own your home, with these provisions: the paint on your shutters will be warranted not to peel or flake for three years from date of receipt. However, we cannot be responsible for fading due to weathering of painted surfaces or leaching tannin or resin from the shutters, which is normal and expected for painted wood in exterior applications.

Our hardware is warranted for one year from date of receipt against defects in material and workmanship. Our hardware is considered reproduction hardware, which may result in slight variations in dimensional accuracy and tolerances. The finish on such hardware is not warranted against deterioration, including but not limited to fading, scratches, rust streaking, spotting and corrosion, particularly resulting from airborne sea salt in coastal environments, as these harsh conditions are usually inhospitable to exterior hardware products.

Warranty is non-transferable and any post-delivery modifications to any product will void this warranty. In the event of any warranty claim, we will not be responsible for any subcontractor or labor charges for the removal or reinstallation of affected exterior wood shutters or hardware under any circumstances. Our financial liability will never exceed the original product cost.

If you would like any further clarification or information, please email us at info@headhousesquare.com.