Exterior Shutters

Made-to-measure Exterior Shutters by Headhouse Square


Your EXTERIOR shutters are made for you, and you alone.
Nothing ”out of the box" or "off the shelf".

Whether you're replacing old exterior shutters, upgrading to top-of-the-line custom ones, or adding wood shutters to your home, our Shuttersmiths™ stand ready to help. You probably have lots of ideas about the look, style and authenticity you want. We would expect nothing less. Here's the best way to start.

Take some photos so we can work with you to achieve your dream. Use your Smartphone, digital camera or whatever you like to make a little album. A few shots of your home, including exterior shutters, from different angles. A few more close-ups of your windows, French Doors, wherever you'd like your new custom shutters to hang. Send them to us by clicking here. And we'll take it from there.

Measuring for Exterior Shutters Replacements

Replacing damaged or weather-beaten exterior shutters is second nature to us. And measuring for them is fairly easy. The most important thing you can do is take photos. So break out your Smartphone, digital camera or whatever you prefer, and snap away. Take close-ups, especially of details, along with shots of the windows where the exterior shutters reside. To send photos, click here.

The rest is easy. For rectangular or square exterior shutters, measure the height, top to bottom, then the width, edge to edge. If the edges are rabbeted - that is, if one is cut to overlap the other - measure from the widest point. Just be sure to tell us, when you call.

If you are replacing arched shutters, you should measure the height in two different places. First, measure from the bottom edge to the top of the arch; then from the bottom edge to the low point where the arch ends. Again, the more photos you take, the better for all of us.

Measuring for New Exterior Shutters

The best - and easiest - way to obtain accurate measurements is to work from inside your home, by measuring the inside dimensions of your exterior window frame. The concept is this: the hand-crafted exterior shutters you design and we build should fit together exactly and cover your window completely when they are closed. So, by finding those exact sizes, we will create your perfect shutters, the first time.

Measuring for Square Window
(Click to enlarge)

For rectangular or square windows, measure the height and width of your window opening where the exterior shutters will rest in the closed position. Since windows are not always 100% square, especially in older homes, take two measurements of the window’s height, and two measurements of the window’s width. Use the smallest measurement if there are differences. (Note: The window’s width will be for the pair. For example, if your window width measurement is 36", each single shutter will be 18".


Measuring for Arched Window
(Click to enlarge)

For windows with an arched top, you should measure the height in three places. First, from the exact center of the sill to the highest point of the arch. Then, from the sill to the lowest point of the arch, at each side. Again, those two short distances may not always be exactly the same. That's okay. Give us all the information. And take all the photos you can.

For Recessed Windows

Place the flat piece of wood along the surface of the house wall and extend it past the window opening. Measure the distance from the window’s casement, or frame if there is no casement, to the back of the piece of wood to determine your offset.

Measuring for a typical window’s offset is captured in the templates below. Please choose the appropriate template that fits your home, and use it to determine your total offset.

Click to download illust. #1–casement PDF
Click to download illust. #2–frame PDF

For recessed windows with jambs
Follow the same instructions above to determine your total offset. In addition, determine a second measurement from the window’s casement, or frame if there is no casement, to the front edge of the jamb. Now, with both measurements, we can handle all of your hardware mounting options.

Click to download illust.#3–casement & jamb PDF
Click to download illustr.#4–frame & jamb PDF

For “proud” windows
A “proud” window means the window extends beyond, or is “proud” to, the edge of the house. You won’t need the flat piece of wood here. Simply measure from the edge of the house to your window’s edge.

Click to download illust. #5–proud PDF

Have a question? Have an idea? Email a Shuttersmith at info@headhousesquare.com.