Headhouse Square continues to bring back the tradition of real wood shutters


Plastic is a four letter word at Headhouse Square!  For the past decade, Headhouse Square Exterior Shutters and Shutter Hardware has crafted the finest exterior wood shutters in the industry.  When the company began in 2006, we made a conscious decision to stick to what they knew best and what they believed in - real wood shutters, Mortise and tenon joinery, thick and sturdy shutters that last despite the punishment that Mother Nature can deliver. 

There is no substitute for wood that is designed to resist the elements.  Our commitment is to continually improve our processes and select the best materials.

Are Real Wood Shutters for Everyone?

Real wood shutters are not for everyone or every home.  Most homeowners know what style of shutters their home calls for.  Some have existing real wood shutters that have weathered away over the last 50 years.  Some have plastic shutters that just don't add any dimension or curb appeal to a home. 


Properly mounted wood shutters project out for the home's exterior walls.  Historic homes are often times required to have real wood shutters approved by historic commissions in certain districts.  Low budget, big box home improvement store plastic shutters have their place.  Homeowners who shop for real wood shutters are somewhat educated on the difference.  Is it those customers that we love to work with as they share our affinity for traditional architecture and home accessories?

Exterior Shutters and Synthetic Materials

Synthetic materials are a big part of the building materials industry.  The trend nowadays is to use materials such as Azek and synthetic materials on the home exteriors.  This trend has found its way into high end shutter construction. 

The idea was that these shutters would last “forever”.  That is the reason people choose synthetic materials.  However, synthetic shutters may not be the answer.   When high end synthetic shutters were first introduced the products tended to warp in the heat. 

Synthetic materials made great trim boards and decking, but were not suited for structural components.  Some of the shutters required that steel rods be placed in the vertical side members of the shutters for reinforcement.  There have been improvements to the designs but we still believe that wood shutters built from the right wood fibers and those that are properly finished will last as long as synthetic materials. 

Western Red Cedar - The Best Wood For Exterior Shutters

Most of the time, an old wood shutter that is rotted conditions people to believe that wood shutters are doomed to rot and decay.  The reality is that these shutters were probably made from an inferior outdoor wood such as pine.  This does not happen with properly finished Western Red Cedar.  

Headhouse Square continues to build their shutters out of only the straightest vertical grain Western Red Cedar which we believe is far superior to synthetic materials when building structural components such as shutters and doors. We are not searching for proper or better synthetic materials.  We know that good old Mother Nature bred natural materials have stood the test of time

Our Passion - Real Wood Shutters and the Right Shutter Hardware

Helping proud homeowners is our passion.  The conversation of choosing the right shutters and shutter hardware for a home is something we have the pleasure of doing every day.  Standing behind our shutters is what we do. 

Headhouse Square's exterior shutters are made using 100% real wood Western Red Cedar! We offer the industry's only lifetime workmanship guarantee.  Time honored craftsmanship that lasts a lifetime.  Call us today to hear about our current discounts.  Your home deserves real wood shutters.

Real Wood Shutters is what we are all about!