Bermuda Shutters

Protect and enhance your home with Bermuda Shutters


This louvered-style custom wood shutter was named for the beautiful resort island, because there's a natural barrier reef that protects beaches and coastlines from waves and storms.

With that goal in mind, our Bermuda shutters will protect your home from inclement weather during the storm seasons; in the hot, dry months you'll tilt them out from the bottom for ventilation while minimizing the scorching rays of the sun. Naturally, we can recommend exactly the right hardware to complete your creation.

If you want your home to present a breezy, casual personality, Bermudas shutters will help you enhance that image. So scroll down to find the style just right for you. Then see some of the ways you can configure your shutters, and the available options you might want to add to your design.



The coral reefs that surround and protect the island suggested the name of this solid wood shutter. Coral presents the most recognizable configuration of louvers: slender and close together, with a pitch (angle) of 40˚ to impart the feeling of lightness. Yet, when you tilt your Corals out, the natural light will pass through to create a glow within your home.

Component Specifications
Stiles:  2 1/2" wide
Top & Center Rails:  2 1/2" wide
Bottom Rail:  +/- 3-3/4" to 5" wide
Stile & Rail Thickness:  1-5/16"
Louver Width:  1-3/8"
Louver Thickness:  3/8"
Louver Pitch (angle):  40 degrees
Louver Spacing:  1" on center



Palm, of course, takes its name from the ever-present trees that inhabit the island. This design presents an intermediate-size Grade A wood louver of 1 3/4", so the spacing is more open than the Coral. But they are still close enough to afford complete privacy when closed down. Tilted out, more natural light will come spilling through.

Component Specifications
Stiles:  2 1/2" wide
Top & Center Rails:  2 1/2" wide
Bottom Rail:  +/- 3-3/4" to 5" wide
Stile & Rail Thickness:  1-5/16"
Louver Width:  1-3/4"
Louver Thickness:  3/8"
Louver Pitch (angle):  30 degrees
Louver Spacing:  1-1/2" on cente



Some people are surprised to learn that many Caribbean islands are dotted with clear, refreshing pools of water, fed from underground streams. In that spirit we have named this solid wood style Spring, and it is the most substantial of all. The heavy louvers are a full 2 1/2" wide for utmost protection, and generously spaced for maximum light and ventilation.

Component Specifications
Stiles:  2 1/2" wide
Top Rail:  2 1/2" wide
Center Rail:  3-1/2" wide
Bottom Rail:  +/- 3" to 5" wide
Stile & Rail Thickness:  1-5/16"
Louver Width:  2-1/2"
Louver Thickness:  3/8"
Louver Pitch (angle):  20 degrees
Louver Spacing:  2" on center

PLEASE NOTE: You can go to our Options and Configurations pages to see the details you may want to consider for your preferred design. But every option may not be available for each model. When you talk to one of our Shuttersmiths, just ask.